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Nightly News Round Up: Sorry for the Lack of Content Edition

Again, for those of you not on Twitter, I apologize for the lack of content today. I was saddled with a meeting that lasted from 11 - 3. Very exhausting.

Anyway, that's not to say that there was no news. Chief amongst today's headlines was that Bimbo (pronounced BEEM-BO) was Philadelphia Union's new kit sponsor. I feel like I can hear the oh so amazing TA chants now mocking the Union. It's going to be fantastic.

LA Galaxy gets New Kits
Hmmm seeing these make me oh so happy that we don't have a white kit. Bottomline, Adidas blows at making white kits.

San Antonio Scorpions - New Stadium Plans
San Antonio is entering the NASL in 2012, but their stadium plans are built for MLS. Perhaps team #21?

Is the Union's new sponsorship sexist?
Haha, no. But it sure is funny that people are jumping to this conclusion so fast.

Union soccer team wins sponsorship from Bimbo bakery
Didn't care to have Alaska Airlines on our jersey? It could have been worse... much worse.

Ronaldinho to sign with Flamengo
Whooo! I can't say how happy I am about this. And not only because we'd actually have to play against him, but because Ronaldinho is a fat lazy soccer player who prefers to party than actually play. Good riddance.

Once again... Bimbo. Haha. Hooray for Alaska Airlines.