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Nightly News Round Up: Slightly Inebriated Edition

Pardon my late post tonight, typically I like to get these things up around 6-7ish. Tonight however, as may be the case with most Wednesdays from now on, I was able to partake in a new pub quiz. I enjoyed it a lot so it may become a regular weekly occurrence meaning this specific post will be pushed back ever so slightly on Wednesdays. We'll see how it plays out.

Anyway on tonight's agenda we have some very interesting articles, first and foremost being about the 2022 World Cup bid which may be making enough concessions at this point to ask for a re-vote on the entire bid. We can only hope, right?

Should FIFA Revote on the 2022 World Cup?
An interesting question. Many changes and proposals have been submitted for the Qatar bid that has everything from the World Cup playing in the winter, to the cup expanding beyond Qatar itself. Should a re-vote happen?

Omar Cummings puts family planning on hold for Aston Villa
A bit unrelated, but all I can hope is that Cummings misses his first game against us. This is a serious player we have to look out for come March.

The New York Cosmos set to make a comeback
Will they? I don't know. Every day seems to bring a bit more legitimacy to the "club" though.

Revs sign French defender Didier Domi
And here I thought that the New England Revolution had gone catatonic. Seriously their FO has made very little noise this off season.

D.C. United owner Will Chang cites 'sense of urgency' in pursuit of new stadium
Poor DC United. They just need a damn stadium. It makes me sad that one of the most respected teams in MLS can't find a stadium in their home city.

Some choice articles here. I'd also like to point out that DC United really could use a new stadium. Of all the original MLS teams I believe they are the last to have a stadium where profits are controlled by the same company (note: the Revs are in an NFL stadium but their owner owns said stadium).

Good night!