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Nightly News Round Up: MLS Draft 2011 Edition

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Busy, busy day for me and most other people who are connected to MLS in one way or another. As many of you may well know, today marked the 2011 MLS SuperDraft where we selected two fine players in Darlington Nagbe and Chris Taylor (who I'll have more on later). I wish both players luck in the 2011 campaign and I hope each does exceedingly well.

Anyway, despite today being the day of the SuperDraft, that doesn't mean there wasn't other news pokin about. I already reported on Kenny Cooper being signed by Portland (a great addition), but here's some other stuff happening around the league:

An (Unfiltered) Look Back at the 2007 SuperDraft via Vimeo
Oh how far we've come. I wonder if in 2014 we'll be saying the same thing about 2011...

No Celtic loan move for De Rosario
The term "whomp, whomp" comes to mind when reading this. Maybe next time DeRo should consider talking to his club first.

Rooney's brother selected by Red Bulls
Another jersey to sell? While John may not be as good as Wayne, he certainly is a name to promote, as if New York needed anymore.

Vancouver surprises with 2011 MLS SuperDraft No. 1 pick Omar Salgado
Surprise indeed. Some mock drafts had Omar sliding down as far as 6th.

Terry Byrne wants New York Cosmos to be 20th MLS team in 2013
Fantastic article/interview with Terry Byrne one of the head guys trying to revive the New York Cosmos. Can they get it done?

MLS To Back Off Schedule Shift Following World Cup Snub
Whoohoo! I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about going to soccer games is being relatively comfortable with a cold beer. Would I want to go to a game in this freezing weather we've had lately? Yes. But I wouldn't be nearly as excited.

A good day, overall, for most teams and the league in general. Hell, #mlssuperdraft was even a top trending topic on Twitter for a while. We're in the big leagues now!