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2011 MLS Supplemental Draft Picks

The Supplemental Draft is just about to kick off. For those of you curious as to what this is exactly, it's basically a way for clubs to acquire developing players many of which are coming over from the SuperDraft who weren't selected. Players acquired through this draft usually get developing contracts which pay less.

Anyway, Portland has four picks total, two in the first round. I won't be covering all the teams like I did with the SuperDraft, just the Timbers.

2. Spencer Thompson - F - UC Irvine

12. Robby Lynch - M - University of Evansville

20. Raymundo Reza - F - San Diego State

38. Taylor Mueller - D - University of Washington

Those numbers represent our allocation picks in the Supplemental Draft.

And that's it for the Timbers. No telling if/when we'll see these players on the pitch, but it's always nice to have some developing players as future prospects to look forward to. Congrats to all our new players for being picked by the best supported club in the league.