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First Team Keeper: Perkins or Brown?

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So this might seem like an odd question after we traded for the second most expensive goalkeeper in the league (Troy Perkins) but is there any reason, as of now, that Perkins should be the de facto goalkeeper simply because of his pay? Is he really that good?

While still not "officially" confirmed to be heading into our 2011 season, Adin Brown is going to be a Timber for this upcoming season. When Spencer announces something on a podcast, I'm liable to take it as truth. Brown, who was with our team last season (but only played a single game) will now be joining our MLS side, presumably as our back-up keeper, but should he be?

It's a tough question to answer, to be honest as both players didn't have spectacular 2010 seasons, but each have a wealth of MLS experience in years prior.

Perkins, while he definitely didn't help D.C. United last year, was at one time considered to be the next big USMNT keeper. Additionally, his career in the Norwegian league wasn't all that bad. In fact, the only reason hye came back to MLS was reportedly due to his wife not enjoying Norway. 

Brown, on the other hand, also had a lackluster 2010 where he only appeared once for us against Crystal Palace Baltimore. However, he's a storied MLS veteran who played with the Colorado Rapids, Mutiny (now defunct) and the New England Revolution before plying his trade in Norway as well. Injuries, unfortuantely, got the better of him in Norway ending his European career prematurely, but a healthy Adin, I hear, is a fantastic keeper.

So, who should our primary goalkeeper be? Expensive, younger Perkins or veteran, injury-prone Brown? Tough choice.