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Nightly News Round Up: Promotion/Relegation Edition

It's difficult not to bring up the subject of promotion and relegation when speaking about MLS. I mean, everywhere else in the world (almost) the way the world of soccer works is that teams are able to either be promoted to the league above, or relegated to the league below based on the performance of the team throughout the regular season. In the U.S., however, the idea is almost unheard of amongst the mainstream sports fan.

Personally? I enjoy the theory of it. Then again, were the Timbers of the verge of being relegated I can see myself now screaming at the top of my lungs cursing whichever MLS executive brought the system to these shores.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Here's today's lot:

Portland Timbers billboards send the right message
Decent article from OregonLive about the rash of Timbers billboards popping up around town. Word to the wise, however, avoid the comments unless you feel like raging.

Timbers' preseason training includes trips to California, Arizona
Not to get political but I don't support training in Arizona.

MLS teams should consider prospective goalkeeper DP signings
Not very wise from a marketing perspective, unless you sign Tim Howard. Still, a damn good goalkeeper can certainly keep a team in the running for trophies.

Eric Cantona joins New York Cosmos in top job
An impressive "signing" to say the least. The Cosmos keep adding more and more personnel to back up their legitimacy.

MLS Promotion and Relegation: A Realistic Model for How It Can Happen
Agree? Disagree? Here's a pretty typical Bleacher Report article.

LA Galaxy sign forward Juan Pablo Angel
LA signs their third Designated Player. Alright, seriously, does the Galaxy have a player under 30 now?

Major League Soccer's team #20, who, why, and why not Part I
A good look at who team #20 could be.