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Nightly News Round Up: Bad Journalism Edition

One week closer to the start of the new season. Time just seems to be flying by, doesn't it? As we all know now, the team will begin official pre-season training next week and all throughout February and early March the team will be playing pre-season friendlies. Really gets your blood pumping.

Anyway, tonight we have an eclectic mix of news from around the league, including one particularly infuriating piece about somebody who clearly knows nothing of Portland, the Timbers, or MLS.

Local buzz: Soccer temperature hot in Portland - for now
This was included tonight purely as an example of bad "journalism." I wouldn't take it seriously as this guy clearly knows little of what he's writing about.

Portland Timbers, Friends of Trees team up for inaugural season
The MLS soccer team and Portland non-profit planted their first batch of trees together in Southeast Portland Thursday.

Whitecaps FC sign defender Alain Rochat
Looks like a quality defense signing by Vancouver.

Fitting The Pieces Together: How Will D.C. United Line Up In 2011? (Part 1 of 2)
D.C. United was one of the "troubled" teams of last season. 2011 can only be better.

Hargreaves to leave Manchester United for the MLS
Another Whitecaps DP rumor. The last one was better in my opinion.

How a simple snowball fight created a genuine fan experience
I love rain, but snow is more fun to play with. I'm actually jealous of Sporting KC and their fans for being able to do this.

With veterans gone, Crew needs leaders
The Crew has cleaned house this past season. For all intents and purposes they are starting with a similar squad as we are in 2011. Fresh...

Where's my refund: Nery Castillo loaned to Aris FC
Nery Castillo, the DP signed last summer by Chicago, is already on his way out of the club. Guess that experiment didn't work.

Enjoy and discuss!