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Hearsay: Could Our Mystery Colombian Forward be Edison Fonseca?

As we get closer and closer to our first game on march 19th, our roster is becoming more and more robust. Currently, and officially, we have 22 players leaving 8 spots left open for us to fill between now and then. One of those spots has been for a mystery Colombian forward that we've heard very little about until today.

Our very own Daaaaave (you've seen him around) originally brought it up on the SCUSA forums as a possible candidate for our mystery Colombian forward after having been released from his club in Iran. Now, normally I'd let this rumor breath a bit before jumping on and even writing a full on rumopr piece about it but since Daaaaave broke the story on SCUSA a couple other tidbits of information has appeared lending credence to the rumor:

1. Apparently Fonseca was on trial with the Timbers in August. I don't have permission to host the picture here (per SB Nation rules), so I'll just direct you to the picture here. The player on the far right is Fonseca.

2. El Colombiano, a press outlet in Colombia, has confirmed that Fonseca has indeed left Iran and is now looking to secure a new passport to travel to the US and play for an MLS team.

Neither of these things directly confirm anything, but the evidence is certainly mounting up a sizable argument. It will be interesting to see who this plays out especially since, aside form seemingly being a bit restless (8 clubs since 2001) this guy has an impressive scoring ratio.