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MLS Conferences and Roster Rules are Being Announced Today

EIn just a few short hours we'll know exactly what our 2011 MLS conferences look like, how they've changed and what they mean for us, Portland (hint: very little!). Additionally, MLS HQ is promising that the roster rules will be released today as well as some Canada-specific news... very interesting.

Anyway, I won't bother trying to guess how convoluted the new roster rules are. That would just drive me to insanity. Instead, I figure I'll just lay out my predictions for the conferences.

Before I do that, however, let me just tell you right now: we will not be going to a single table. I'd love it, most soccer fans would like for such a system to be put in place, but there's no way MLS will adapt to that. Hell, they've already released their play off format which confirms there will continue to be an East and West Conference. A sad truth, but one you should be prepared for now.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the 2011 conferences:


  1. Chivas USA
  2. Colorado Rapids
  3. Los Angeles Galaxy
  4. Portland Timbers
  5. Real Salt Lake
  6. San Jose Earthquakes
  7. Seattle Sounders
  8. Sporting Kansas City
  9. Vancouver Whitecaps


  1. Chicago Fire
  2. Columbus Crew
  3. D.C. United
  4. FC Dallas
  5. Houston Dynamo
  6. New England Revolution
  7. Philadelphia Union
  8. New York Red Bulls
  9. Toronto FC

You see, to MLS, it makes the most sense to just switch Sporting KC to the west and FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo to the east. That way both conferences are aligned perfectly.

You'll also notice that this really has no affect on our team. Just that, instead of possibly facing either FC Dallas or Houston Dynamo in the play-offs we'll face Sporting Kansas City, maybe perhaps...

We'll see how this all plays out soon.