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A Time Line of Events From Now Until Season's Start

Given that it's a new year, and that we'll have a new league with new rules and events to coincide with a bunch of new fans as the team gets "promoted" from the minor league to the major league, I thought it might be nice to condense all of our future happenings in 2011 from now until March 19th into a simple timeline of events that you can follow at your leisure.

As far as I know this is the most up to date schedule of events, although if you know of any others feel free to comment and I'll add it.

  • Jan 5th - SBNation's Mock SuperDraft with myself selecting players as the Timbers GM.
  • Jan 6th - Timbers Army First Thursday at Bitter End Pub (7:00PM)
  • Jan 7th - MLS Combine begins (the evaluation period for players entering the league).
  • Jan 12th - Talk Timbers on 95.5 The Game (6:00PM)
  • Jan 13th - MLS SuperDraft begins.
  • Jan 15th - Pre-season International transfer window opens for MLS.
  • Jan 15th - Timbers Army Third Saturday at the Landmark Saloon. (7:00PM)
  • Jan 18th - College Senior discovery period begins.
  • Jan 20th - 2011 pre-season training begins.
  • Feb 3rd - Timbers Army First Thursday at Bitter End Pub (7:00PM)
  • Feb 19th - Timbers Army Third Saturday (TBD)
  • Mar 2nd - MLS Waiver Draft
  • Mar 3rd - Timbers Army First Thursday at Bitter End Pub (7:00PM)
  • Mar 15th - MLS Season kicks off with Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy (6:30PM). Rooting for LA is allowed on this occasion. :)
  • Mar 19th - Timbers' Season kicks off against Colorado at 6:00PM

Keep in mind there will probably be a couple pre-season friendlies thrown in there, particularly in February and early March.

I also strongly recommend listening to Mao's Football Show every Tuesday at 4:00PM live as well as Talk Timbers ESPN show on 95.5.

So did I miss anything?