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USMNT Friendly Against Egypt Canceled

Well, we all knew this was coming, but now it's officially official. Reporting on the US Soccer website, the USSF has confirmed that the friendly, which was to be played in Egypt, has been canceled due to the current situation going on in the country.

I know this will seem like a blow to those of you who are suffering from some footy withdrawals, like I am, and can't seem to latch onto a proper European team, but really it's for the best. As much as I support the overthrowing of a regime like Egypt currently has, there is no way I'd want our players and staff to fly into such a hostile situation. It's just not good for anybody involved.

Also, for those clamoring for the game to just be moved, I say it's probably still best that the game was canceled. Egypt's national team and staff probably have friends and family in Egypt and, more so than us, a personal stake in what's happening within their nation right now. There's no way we could expect them to play a meaningless friendly with the kind of effort we'd all want them to. Let them worry about something else other than soccer for the time being.

The USMNT's next friendly is against Argentina on March 26th in New Jersey and then another in planned for March 29th against Paraguay in Tennessee.

No word if the Egypt friendly will be rescheduled or not, but I wouldn't hold my breath.