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Nightly News Round-Up: It's a New Year Edition

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I'm terribly sorry for having neglected this "nightly" post for the last few days. Sometimes I just get completely distracted and/or overworked to the point where I just don't remember to do this nightly. I'll try to keep it fresh however.

I must say I'm getting a little worried over the lack of Timbers player related moves. I know we still have the SuperDraft and international; transfer window to navigate but we've got 15 spots left to fill on our roster and only 16 days until our official training begins. Makes me worry we'll start training without a full squad, y'know?

Anyway, here's today's news:

Don Garber Will Talk To Miami Ultras: This Is What He'll Say
SBNation Soccer writer Jeremiah Oshan wrote a tongue-in-cheek fauz letter to Miami soccer fans from league commissioner "Don Garber." I agree with every word.

Adu's best MLS fit is in Philly
The article suggests Philly, but could Adu work in Portland as well? Possibly, but I'm not sure we would/should pay what he would no doubt be asking.

D.C. United's stadium outlook and investor search
It would be a shame, in my opinion, if D.C. United moved to Baltimore, but I would certainly understand it. Having your own right-sized stadium is integral to a team's success.

An interview with Lancaster’s own Zarek Valentin
Unlikely, but the Portland Timbers could potentially end up with this kid if they feel it serves them best.

Toronto FC going Dutch?
Former Dutch international Aron Winter has reportedly signed on as TFC's new technical director and first-team coach. An interested move and one that could benefit TFC. Although Dutch coaches haven't exactly been successful in MLS yet (Ruud Gullit).

Beckham resumes his lead-clown role
Looks like Beckham is spoiling all the goodwill he earned helping the Galaxy earn the 2010 Supporter's Shield. Tsk, tsk.

So there you have it. Today's league news. Discuss!