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Reminder: SBNation's Mock SuperDraft starts tonight at 6:00PM

Just as a reminder to everybody out there looking forward to a busy January filled with transfers and a certain draft known only as the SuperDraft, SBNation Soccer's own mock SuperDraft will be taking place tonight at 6:00PM. Yours truly will taking over as the Timbers GM and picking players based on who I believe would be best to slot right into the team right now.

I'm pretty locked for my first pick (Darlington Nagbe or Omar Salgado, if Vancouver takes Nagbe) although feel free to offer up additional opinions on who other picks would be. I was initially leaning towards Perry Kitchen as well, but I feel like Nagbe or Salgado will just be better off in the long run for the team, be it as trade bait or not.

As for my 2nd and 3rd picks (#'s 20 and 22) and still wide open. If you have an opinion let's hear em! Otherwise I hope to see you guys tonight at 6:00PM.

SBNation Mock Draft