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Kenny Cooper to Portland? An Exciting Transfer Rumor

Steven Goff, soccer writer for Washington Post's Soccer Insider blog (and general all around good journalist), has shared an interesting rumor today. Apparently the Timbers may be interested in securing Kenny Cooper the late, great FC Dallas striker who was sold to 19860 Munich of the Bundesliga 2 league in Germany.

I'm a little hesitant to call this anything more than a rumor at the moment (I've put word into the Timbers FO for comment), but I will say that, if true, I'm thoroughly excited by this prospect. Cooper may not have set the world on fire in Germany, or English Championship side Plymouth Argyle, with whom he's on loan to, but while he was at FC Dallas he was a proven striker in MLS notching 40 goals in 90 appearances. For reference sake, a fantastic MLS striker like the Los Angeles Galaxy's Edson Buddle has seen 42 goals in 87 matches.

Even better, however, is the fact that, as with Spencer's mantra, Cooper is a young guy at only 26 years of age, who still has room to grow and learn. Will he ever be world class at this point? Doubtful, but if the 2010 goal scoring league leaders are anything to go by then Cooper certainly isn't out of the range for having one terrific season in MLS, despite his relative closeness to "peaking."

Of course, once again, I'd just like to temper your excitement. This is neither confirmed by the FO, nor is it being confirmed by me. I'm simply going off a report by Steven Goff, a journalist I personally respect. Until we hear anything from the league or the FO I'll happily label this one as rumor. An exciting rumor, but a rumor nonetheless.

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