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My SBNation Mock SuperDraft Picks.... Discuss!

Hey guys,

I should have created this and updated it prior, but I guess now is as good a time as any.

For my first SuperDraft pick I chose: Perry Kitchen.

My primary reason for selecting Kitchen is due to the simple fact that he is the best overall player in the draft. While I'd have normally chosen Nagbe because I feel we desperately need another forward, Vancouver got to him first. Weighing the possibilities of Kitchen or Salgado, it just made more sense in both the immediacy of the 2011 league and in the long term to choose Kitchen, even if we are to use him as a solid trade.

For my #20 SuperDraft pick I chose: Cole Grossman.

I know we need a forward, badly, but Cole is actually a really solid midfielder who plays a technical passing game that is fairly uncommon in MLS. While our midfield is quite packed right now, it seems silly not to grab a player who arguably could have been a first round pick had he not had a poor end to his college career.

For my #22 SuperDraft pick I chose: Ryan Kinne.

Honesty, the singular reason I chose Kinne was because at this point in the draft he was the best forward still available. As we are all well aware, our forward positions are a bit weak at the moment and while I'm not 100% confident that Kinne would replace either Dike or Johnson off the bat, he could certainly develop over time to become a stand out.

And those are my 3 picks! So, what do you think? Who would you switch out if you could?