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Nightly News Round-Up: Much Adu About Nothing

Hur hur, pardon the terribly overused pun in the title. I do feel bad for the kid though. He had such raw talent, but he let it go to his head and failed to develop properly. Now he's being passed around a series of mid-level European clubs that usually don't even want/need him. He should have just stayed in DC for a while. Oh well, he's only 21 (supposedly) so he should have enough time to right his wayward career.

Anyway here's today's relevant league news. Nothing from the Timbers, unfortunately. At least nothing I haven't already individually written about.

New Management Team Announced
Another coachless team now has a coach and then some. Good for them. Anybody who hates the 'Caps is a friend of mine.

Adu working out in Germany
This kid has to get his act in order and settle at a club before teams around the world lose all interest.

Spurs pining for David Beckham after defeat at Everton highlights team’s flaws | Football
I don't get it. Beckham is 35. His passing is decent and he can take great freekicks but are you telling me that he's really that much better than other English/European players who would cost about the same?

Fraser wants Chivas USA to believe in common philosophy
As much as I dislike Chivas USA, I'm happy they seem to have a decent coach. That said, I liked Vasquez before too. It was a mistake to fire him.

Ljungberg set for debut
I think I just became a Rangers fan...

Whitecaps keep ears open for trade offers
Could DC be preparing to trade for Nagbe or the #1 pick? I wish they'd take Kitchen...

Hope this satiates your need for nightly news. See you tomorrow!