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Watch the MLS SuperDraft Combine Games Live Today

Interested in seeing how this year's crop of players is going to fair on the field, particularly if you weren't all that interested in catching the college games as they were going on the year prior? Well, starting today you can catch all of the SuperDraft Combine games live on These are the players teams will be selected next week for their teams.

Here's the schedule (all times in PST):

Saturday - January 8th

Monday - January 10th

  • 8:15am - AdiPure vs. Jabulani
  • 10:00am - AdiPower vs. AdiZero

Tuesday - January 11th

  • 8:15am - AdiPower vs. Jabulani
  • 10:00am - AdiPure vs. AdiZero

I wouldn't say you need to catch 'em all, but certainly one or two couldn't hurt. In particular my two teams to watch out for are:

AdiPower, who has players such as Anthony Ampaipitakwong, Michael Boxall, Corey Hertzog and Ryan Kinne (my #22 pick in SBNation's mock SuperDraft).

AdiZero, who has Will Bruin and Cole Grossman (my #20 selection).

... Oh and AdiPure has John Rooney, if you were at all curious.

Keep in mind that Perry Kitchen, Omar Salgado and Darlington Nagbe are not partaking in this year's combine. So if you're interested in seeing them play, you're out of luck til they're signed with a team.

Kick off in two hours!