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More the 97% of Portland Timbers Season Tickets Holders Renewed for 2012

Hope you aren't on the waiting list as the Portland Timbers announced today that more than 97% of the current 12,500 season ticket holders have renewed for 2012 and that's only within the first month and a half of when the renewals were even available to be purchased! My guess that damn near 100% will be renewed before the end of the year.

To add to the good (business) news of the Timbers, the club front office also announced that that the season ticket waiting list is over 5,000. Which means that if you're not on it now it could be years before you can ensure that you have a seat available to you.

The big questions heading into the off season is whether or not the 20, 323 attendance configuration will go into affect for the full season next year. While nothing has been confirmed, there were rumors that if it does we could see the season ticket holder base increase to 13,500.

Regardless, I'll be looking forward to another sold out season next year.