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Timbers Tid Bits: Philadelphia Union Edition

Wow! What a match last night! Those last 20 or so minutes were filled with so many highs and lows I'm not even really sure I knew what I was feeling during that time. Absolutely crazy. I will say that D.C. United probably shouldn't play Ngwenya ever again. Ouch...

Anyway, with a draw the Timbers are still hanging in there. In fact another huge step tonight will be something that the Timbers have absolutely no control of: the Philadelphia Union vs. New York Red Bulls game. If New York wins, it's over. That puts them at 46 points along with the Houston Dynamo and there's simply no way for the Timbers to get that many points with only a single game left. If they lose, however, then the Timbers have one more chance at beating Real Salt Lake to steal that final spot from New York.

So, I've dedicated today's TTB to Philadelphia for the express reason that WE WANT THEM TO WIN! ... doop (I guess).

Enjoy today's news round up.

Timbers news

Portland Timbers hold on for 1-1 draw against D.C. United (Photos)
Great photos from last night's game.

Timbers still in play-off hunt
With some help the Timbers could still make it.

Joseph Ngwenya - The Unwilling/Unable Hero Of D.C. United
I'd say he was definitely a hero last night... just not for DC.

Other news (after the jump)

Top Chef's Marcus Samuelsson: From kitchen to pitch
The Top Chef was out at MLS WORKS newest soccer pitch.

Silverdome renovation must wait in line to attract Major League Soccer to Metro Detroit
It's sad. How much more effort would Detroit put out if they knew they had a chance at that 20th spot?

MLS announces 2012 expansion draft date and procedure
Major League Soccer will hold the 2012 MLS Expansion Draft via conference call on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 2 p.m. ET.

Major League Soccer MVP Candidate: Dwayne De Rosario
United may be Dwayne De Rosario's third team this year, but that doesn't mean he still can't be the MVP of MLS.

U.S. Soccer hires Porter, Ramos - Soccer Blog
The United States has an Olympic soccer coach. An under-20 national team coach, too, and both are big names.