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Portland Timbers Players Ratings: DC united away edition

It is that time again for the player ratings based on a 1 to 10 scale. 1 being bad and 10 being epic.

  • Rodney Wallace - 5 - Really thought he started out really well but faded as the game went on
  • Futty Danso - 7 - Without him and Brunner the Timbers would have lost
  • Eric Brunner - 6 - Got turned way too easily on the goal but saved another one 
  • Eric Alexander - 6 - I really thought he relieved a ton of pressure and got out of tight spots, once he was taken off it was back to the kick and chase 
  • James Marcelin - 7 - After Perkins he is my Man of the Match. He was everywhere and did everything he could. Only negative was his legs seemed to fail him
  • Diego Chara - 6 - Not his best game and looks like the 1 year of playing is getting to him
  • Jack Jewsbury - 5 - Just did not see a lot from Captain Jack
  • Lovel Palmer - 5 - Didn't help but didn't hurt the team
  • Kalif Alhassan - 4 - Had moments of positives but really gave up the ball a lot and rushed it times where the Timbers needed patience and a more dangerous ball
  • Kenny Cooper - 6 - He is now the leading scorer for this year, we just need him to produce 10 goals instead of 8 next year.
  • Troy Perkins - 9 - Kept what slim playoff chances Portland had were kept alive because of Perkins. Would have been a 10 if he would have been in a better position on the goal.
  • Mike Chabala - 6 - invigorated the attack but didn't help out much defensively
  • Bright Dike - 5 - Had a couple of chances to be the hero but his touch and shot let him down.
  • Brian Umony - 5 - He had his chance but couldn't find the open player or the net in those chances.
  • John Spencer - 7 - I thought he made the best subs he could with our lack of depth and I loved the change in formation
  • Agree or disagree with the Ratings? Tell me what you think.