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Portland Timbers vs. Real Salt Lake Match Thread

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This is it, the final game of the season. With the Timbers very narrowly missing the play-offs this will be the last Timbers match you'll get to see until, probably, the Cascadia Summit kicks off again during next year's pre-season.

In order to commemorate the last game of the year, I've decided to forgo the traditional match preview format whereby i analyze each team (specifically the Timbers) and give my final thoughts. With the game merely being for honor I figured that it probably wouldn't be worthwhile to preview each team. Instead, I'd rather that this match thread be about the discussion of the season that's gone past.

What was your favorite part of the season?

What do you hope to see tonight? Do you want the starting 11, or perhaps a mix of players we haven't seen before?

Who is your personal MVP for the team this season?

Any specific hopes for the off season?

Please use this thread for all your nostalgic discussions of the season as well as a match thread for when the game actually kicks off.