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Portland Timbers Player Ratings: Vancouver Away edition

Based on a 1-10 scale:

  • Troy Perkins - 7 - Made the two saves we needed and combined with the back four kept the 9th shutout of the season for him
  • Eric Brunner - 7 - Once again shut down a good forward and really didn't have any mistakes
  • Futty Danso - 7 - Really we can't go wrong with either Futty or Horst alongside Eric Brunner
  • Mike Chabala - 6 - Was a great outlet and functioned well within the offense but seemed to get beat too often defensively
  • Lovel Palmer - 6 - Didn't see much from him going forward and seemed vulnerable defensively but no huge mistakes 
  • James Marcelin - 7 - Played his game and didn't try to do too much, great fill in for Jack Jewsbury
  • Diego Chara - 8 - He really has a motor and great vision, I think one of the best box to box midfielders in the MLS
  • Darlington Nagbe - 7 - Liked how he pushed up more to put the pressure on defending him should amazing skill, which is par for the course for him
  • Sal Zizzo - 6 - Made some great runs but just didn't get as involved as he has been
  • Jorge Perlaza - 6 - Stretched the D but just didn't get enough out of him
  • Kenny Cooper - 8 - Great job and excellent finish. He even came back to defend on numerous occasions. 
  • Eric Alexander - 6 - I thought he brought some good Defense into the game and really helped keep possession at times
  • Bright Dike - NA - Officially only 5 mins and really not a lot to go off of.
  • John Spencer - 6 - I think he motivated the team enough and the subs were at the right time for once.
  • Traveling TA - 10 - Great to hear them
  • John Strong - 10 * infinity - Great to hear him back on the telecast.
  • What are your ratings?