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Recap of MLS Playoff games: Conference Semi-Finals

I apologize to everyone for the lateness of this post I have been dealing with sick kids and a sick wife, which means a busy daddy and a busy husband.

Both of these are going to be pretty quick hitting.

Colorado Rapids vs Sporting Kansas City

What a difference a change of name makes for a team. The team formerly known as "the Wiz" goes into the defending champions home and gets a huge opening win. This game was not without controversy as Colorado had 3 players, 2 in the first 20 minutes, taken of due to injury and also had another of their players red carded. The red came off a play in the box that resulted in the card and a penalty for K.C. While the penalty was argued by Colorado the first goal by Teal Bunbury was pure class. He took one on a perfectly placed through ball before easily slotting the ball past an on rushing keeper, I wish the Timbers had Teal.....

Houston Dynamo vs Philadelphia Union

This was a great game to watch and a great showcase of playoff soccer. The scoreline after 8 minutes of play was 1-1 and there was already 1 yellow card. It only got more physical from there with the total yellow cards for the game coming in at 6 and 5 of those listed as "reckless tackle". Houston did get the better of Philly with another goal in the first half but Philly was not without their chances. In the last 15 minutes of the game Philly hit the post twice and forced Tally Hall into multiple saves. The end of the game was a lot like the DC vs Portland game but with a little more defense.

With both higher seeds winning away from home it looks like it will be a Houston vs Sporting KC final in the east and a RSL and LA in the West. By the way in the UEFA Champions league a team down by 3 goals has come back and won the second leg 7 out of 112 times. So Seattle has a chance, a slim chance.