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Stumptown Footy Community Protect List: Freddie Braun Edition

Time for a new one if we are to get through these before the release of the list. Going to start throwing these up every day now if possible and I have created a Section called Community Protected list. One point of clarification I want to make is that you can vote for as many as you want to keep but the top 11 will be kept based on votes received.


How it works:

  • For each player we will post a front page article highlighting a specific players pros/cons and any stats (if available)
  • Vote by posting a Yes (to Protect) or No (don't Protect) in the subject of a comment, then explain why in the message
  • We (the editors) will keep track of all the yes/no votes for each player
  • At the end of the whole roster we will total up the results and post the community's Protected list
  • Your list will be compared to the list of each contributing editor
  • The only player we will not be voting on is Darlington Nagbe as he is automatically protected based on his Generations Adidas Status.

Freddie Braun


He is a little tougher to find quality information on as this was his first year and he didn't play a single first team minute. He did however lead the team in non-league game minutes with 428 minutes. However the biggest accomplishment in a Timbers uniform was the 2010 PDL championships which he helped win with 3 goals, out of his 5 total. Makes less than a 5th year teacher (Me) at $32,600.


A Diego Chara like player who is a true box to box central midfielder. Showed great field general like skills in his captaincy of the 2010 PDL team. His work ethic also helped land a spot on the 2011 Timbers roster.


He is young and will need time to develop and plays in a spot where he is 5th on the depth chart. Needs experience and will only get that in the reserves or on another team.


Can be found here and the other related videos.

So should do we Protect him or do we leave him unprotected? Remember vote with Yes or No in the subject line.

For previous players visit the Community Protected List Section.