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Roster news

I have yet to track down exactly who it might be but here are a couple of things I have found out:

  • 1 Portland Timber is Retiring possibly more
  • 2 or more Portland Timbers did not have their contracts renewed
  • 1 DP Signing could be announced in the next two weeks as Wilkinson is in talks with an international player
  • 2 or more Timbers will be getting their Green Cards and therefore will not be using an international slot
The 1 retiring player is not Adin Brown but I believe he is one "possibly more". The Timbers who did not have their contracts renewed might be Rodrigo Lopez, Brian Umony and Spencer Thompson or any of the other "developmental" contracts on the books.

The other thought as to who might be retiring is Kevin Goldthwaite but only due to injuries and all that he has suffered in the past 2-3 years but I highly doubt it would be him.

What this means is the Timbers are going to have 3-4 or more open roster spots and a new DP within the next 2 weeks. Out of the 7 international slots (Portland traded 1 to Montreal in exchange for not losing anyone in the expansion) it looks like we would only have 4 Internationals taking up slots. So we would have spots for 3 more and possibly 2 more DPs from over seas.

I will have more as to who I think the International player is as I have a hunch who it might be. Just need to do some more digging.