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Just a Quick Thank You...

This is our first Thanksgiving here at Stumptown Footy and, hot damn, it's been a pretty wild ride! Despite each of our fairly hectic schedules between school, work, other sites we might write for, and generally needing to socialize every now and then, we've managed to put together some halfway decent content on the site for you guys. Something I'm pretty proud of.

But, it would never have been possible without you, the readers. Since today is all about giving thanks I figured it might be appropriate.

So here we go, a quick thank you to:

  • The Timbers organization for everything they've done this year. It's been absolutely phenomenal.
  • The city at large for embracing the Timbers like no other city has done before with their MLS teams.
  • Everybody who stops in once a day to read what we've written. You guys help us persist.
  • OUR COMMENTERS! You guys are a huge driving force in keeping us going. Nothing makes me happier than seeing discussion going around something we have written.
  • SBNation for supplying this amazing platform with which we could jump off.
  • MLS HQ for having the balls to bring this sport to America and doing it right. We may not agree on all the details, but there are some seriously smart people managing this thing and I love them for it.
  • All of the local media covering the Timbers this year. Keep it up in 2012!
  • All of our Timbers-specific blogging/podcasting buddies: Mao's Football, Timbers Insider, Dropping Timber, Kip Kesgard (over at Olive), and everybody else I might be forgetting (sorry!).
  • The Timbers Army and every damn Capo who made 2011 amazing. It's impossible to imagine 2011 without the TA's influence.
  • Anybody and everybody else I may have forgotten. (Sorry!)

Whew! That was a lot of people!

I hope everybody has an amazing Thanksgiving.