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Colombia the land of Plenty

This article is straight up guesswork and pure conjecture on my part. Again I am GUESSING, but I think it is a pretty educated guess. I am basing my article on this the article on Portland's website talking about Gavin's travel and specifically on the following quote.

"I've been following a player from Chico for a while," he hinted. "He did well again; however there's still a question mark over whether he would fit into our system."    

We can already assume from this quote the player we are getting is Male. I know tough one there. I also know he will be from a country other the United States. Now when the Timbers do sign someone I can say I was right with my guesses. Now that I got that out of my system lets look at the real information after the jump.

The first thing I did was look for the game recap and found the line-up Boyaca Chico FC used, which can be found here. Here is the list of all players used with their position and their age.




 Avimiled Rivas


MF     Either side midfield

 Diego Chica


MF     Either side midfield

Edwin Móvil



Rafael Enrique Navarro



John Jairo Montaño


DF     Left-back

 Charles Monsalvo


FW     Striker

Elvis Perlaza



Luiz Hernando Mena


FW     Striker

 Juan Mahecha



 Jose Erik Correa



Cristian  Bonilla



 Johnny Mostasilla


DF     Left-back/Defender

Juan Gabriel Galicia



 Yhonny Ramírez



It would seem that Gavin and company would be looking for someone younger than 30 so you can eliminate 2 of those players. They are also not looking for a Goalie because we have are now and our future Goalie already on the roster. So that leaves the Defenders, Mids and Forwards under 30. 

The two forwards seem raw and young and I doubt the Timbers would want to take either of them on as a DP. So I focused my research on the Defenders and Mids. The defenders were good but really didn't fit the description that MP has been hinting at. 

Now of the mids there was one who really stood out. Edwin Movil is a player who I think would be an amazing player in the MLS and would really add to the Timbers if we could find a way to fit him into the system. He plays as an outside wing in a 4-5-1 but loves to drift centrally, which would bring in to space Darlington Nagbe or Diego Chara currently occupy. However if he could play on the wings consistently he would bring a deft touch and amazing passing ability. Not only would he be able get assists but his outside shot is what the Timbers also need out of their wings.

Edwin Movil played in 2005 U-20 championships and helped Colombia win the South American U-20 Championships.

Just take a look at his highlights (he is number 8):

Again this is all guesswork and I could be miles if not continents off on this guess. However I think if we did add Movil we would be adding a great player.

What do you think?