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Timbers Tid Bits: Google Reader Edition

Sorry for the break in your usual Timbers Tid Bits. Apparently Google decided to update their Google Reader RSS feed which, as it so happens, completely borked my browser making it impossible for me to read my own news. Since I get most of my news from my Google Reader feed it put a damper on my ability to find and share the news with you guys.

Anyway, it's all better now, Google pushed an update through and you can expect regular TTBs once again!

Also, we'll have our usual play off recaps done by tomorrow. There are two very large games tonight with the second halves of the Los Angeles Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls and Houston Dynamo vs. Philadelphia Union games coming to a head.

Enjoy your morning news!

Timbers news

2011 Save of the Year - Troy Perkins
He's in Group D. Vote!

Timbers' Kenny Cooper scheduled to visit North Portland's Cesar Chavez School
Timbers forward Kenny Cooper is scheduled to visit Cesar Chavez School in North Portland to talk about the health benefits of playing soccer.

Timbers players grow moustaches to participate in special Movember event
The Horstache returns!

Other news (after the jump)

Gonzalez eyes United States call-up
Omar Gonzalez wonders what he has to do to become a regular in the United States national team. 

Beckham set for Major League Soccer final bow
Despite the ups and downs I'd say Beckham has had a positive impact on MLS.

Los Angeles Galaxy soccer tour to include Jakarta
Long tour for the Los Angelenos.

MLS commissioner reaffirms major events will be in KC’s future
And yet Portland gets nothing.

Colorado's MLS title defense ends in Kansas City
It's amazing how far Sporting Kansas City has come.

Union trail Dynamo in MLS conference semis
Ever since Sunday's 2-1 loss to the Houston Dynamo in the first game of the Major League Soccer two-game aggregate goal Eastern Conference semifinal series, Union defender Danny Califf has been telling his teammates that the deficit is far from insurmountable.

Major League Soccer gauges Baltimore's interest in pro franchise
The idea of professional soccer in Baltimore may be gaining steam.

Galaxy captain Donovan has grown into a hardened veteran
I think he'll be 30 this year or next so that would make sense...