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2011 Re-Entry Draft: Possible Portland Picks

FOXBORO, MA - MARCH 26:  Ryan Cochran and his mustache are available in the re-entry draft on Monday.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
FOXBORO, MA - MARCH 26: Ryan Cochran and his mustache are available in the re-entry draft on Monday. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The first stage of the Major League Soccer re-entry draft will take place on Monday and there are plenty of players available, many of whom you have probably never heard of before (a full list can be found here and our discussion to date can be found here). Selections in the 2010 edition of the re-entry draft were rare with only two players going in the first stage. The second stage was much more productive with eleven players taken, six of whom went on to grab starting roles with the teams that selected them.

The Timbers were one of the youngest teams in MLS last year and the re-entry draft could be an excellent way to address their lack of experience. With everyone from journeymen to former national team players available there are plenty of options for the Timbers to choose from.

First Stage:

Bobby Convey, San Jose Earthquakes

Convey is one of the most skilled left sided midfielders in the league. Hitting ten assists in 2010 before being stuck in a left back position for the 2011 season, Convey would be an instant upgrade in the midfield for the Timbers. Sure, he makes a pretty penny, but the Timbers have the cap space and could use another veteran midfield presence as well as a few more assists from the wings.

Update: Bobby Convey's rights have been traded to Sporting Kansas City who will now have to either pick up his option or agree to a new contact with the midfielder. If either of those things happen he will no longer be available in the re-entry draft.

My second stage picks plus some notes after the jump.

Second Stage:

Bobby Boswell, Houston Dynamo

Boswell is a physical defender who has been around the block a few times and knows his way around the pitch. While his current contract is pricey if he could be convinced to sign on for less he could be a steal for a Timbers backline that could use a little more depth.

Update: Bobby Boswell has resigned with the Dynamo, taking him out of the re-entry draft.

Hunter Freeman, Houston Dynamo

See Boswell, Bobby but more versatile.

Ryan Cochrane, New England Revolution

A local boy who has an excellent talent for growing mustaches and who has also been a passable defender in MLS for several years, Cochrane would make for excellent depth.


  • The Timbers will pick 7th, after Vancouver, New England, Toronto, Chivas, San Jose, and DC.
  • The first stage will have two rounds while the second stage will have three
  • Common sense is that Montreal will take a player in the 19th spot in the draft, but last year both the Timbers and Whitecaps passed on both stages of the re-entry draft.
  • The Impact did not pick up the option on Ryan Pore's contract, so he will be available to teams in the first stage. After the first stage is over players can again enter into negotiations with their current team. If they are unable to come to an agreement they will be entered into the second stage.

Let us know who you would pick in the comments.