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Timbers Tid Bits: AEG Cup Edition

So yesterday's Conference Finals were interesting. Not so much because they unexpected happened. In fact, I'd have pegged the Los Angeles Galaxy to beat Real Salt Lake any day and the Houston Dynamo and Sporting Kansas City matches were pretty much up in the air. No, it's interesting for a couple of reasons:

1. This will be the first time a team has the chance to win MLS Cup in their own stadium in a long, long time (1997 I believe)

2. Both teams are (at least partially) owned by mega-conglomerate AEG which kind of just makes them the overall winner.

No doubt it will be a fun game to watch, but the winner might be a little overshadowed by the implications of two teams playing each other with the same owner. Very interesting...

Enjoy today's news!

Timbers news

Portland's Purdy, Marcelin and Umony highly motivated
As they should be.

Behind the Axe: Catching up on the first batch of postseason updates
Behind the Axe looks at various Timbers news from GM Gavin Wilkinson's love of airports, Owner Merritt Paulson appearing on local sports radio, and an epic mustache growing competition amongst two of the Timbers center backs.

Other news (after the jump)

Bruce Arena remains committed to American soccer
Coaching at international soccer's top levels is often a vagabond existence. Three of the last four men to lead the U.S. team, for example, have coached multiple national teams.

Landon Donovan targeted for loan return to EPL's Everton
U.S. National Team star Landon Donovan will be targeted for a return to the English Premier League with his former club Everton when Major League Soccer enters the off-season.

Houston defeats Sporting Kansas City to reach MLS Cup
Houston's post-season experience proved too much for Sporting Kansas City in the Eastern Conference final, which the Dynamo won 2-0.

Beckham advances to first Major League Soccer final
I posted this just to show how wrong media can be sometimes... Beckham's first final was against Real Salt Lake in 2009.

Vermes doesn’t foresee major changes to Sporting’s roster
In the past, Sporting Kansas City coach Peter Vermes has repeatedly talked about the need to turn over the roster and continually build depth.

Hollywood Final for Major League Soccer and Beckham
Hollywood indeed...

Mexican eight known, MLS down to two
Sort of a more global wrap-up.

David Beckham inspiring the L.A. Galaxy's posteason
Know your Major League Soccer -- Five things we learned from Sunday's conference finals: