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Re-Entry Draft Stage 2: LA Galaxy Dominates

So Stage 2 of the Re-Entry Draft has just concluded. It was a bit more lively than Stage 1 but still not hugely impactful. Most teams passed outright with the Los Angeles Galaxy taking a starring role by adding four players and picking up two of their own players again.

Unsurprisingly the Portland Timbers passed on Stage 2 and also passed on selecting their own players once again. To date the Timbers have not added a single player this off-season which is fairly surprising given that most other teams have made moves. One thing that's for sure is it will certainly be an interesting January. The Timbers have 8 roster spots available and we have to assume at least 5 of those will be filled.

I was disappointed that neither Ryan Pore or Peter Lowry were able to find homes via the draft. The latter of which especially I thought would be heading somewhere. No telling where they'll end up now.

Check out the full list of picks after the jump.

  • Seattle Sounders - Marc Burch, D
  • New England Revolution - Nata Jaqua, F
  • Chicago Fire - Kheli Dube, F
  • Colorado Rapids - Baggio Husidic, M
  • Los Angeles Galaxy - Andrew Boyens, D
  • New England Revolution - Clyde Simms, M
  • Colorado Rapids - Hunter Freeman, D
  • Los Angeles Galaxy - Chris Leitch, D
  • Los Angeles Galaxy - Pat Noonan, F
  • Los Angeles Galaxy - Jon Conway, GK

The LA Galaxy also held onto DaSan Robinson and Frankie Hejduk.