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Timbers Tid Bits: Matt Hegdes Edition

With 2011 closing out here in the next couple weeks, all eyes on MLS are pointing towards the SuperDraft and, with that, we have a couple mock drafts that have Portland selecting defender Matt Hedges as their pick. My personal favorite mocki draft so far is's where Drew picked Hedges for Portland:

Portland was hurt by their defense one time too many in their expansion season. Hedges is clearly the best defender in this draft and should be quickly taken here.Other options: Austin Berry (Louisville), Aaron Maund (Notre Dame)

Personally, I'm inclined to agree. Hedges makes the most sense from our perspective. Of course, the Timbers could be lining up all sorts of trades and have something completely different in mind. What do you think? Any other SuperDraft picks interest you?

Enjoy today's links!

Soccermetrics: MLS: The parity league, even in the Designated Player era
Continuing my look at the finances and on-field results of Major League Soccer, I expand my earlier financial determinism study to the period between 2007 and 2011. This period covers the entire Designated Player era. As in the previous study, I use base salary information provided by the MLS Players Union, but converted club payroll figures to 2007 US dollars. See this post for further details. Incidentally, it's been brought to my attention that the salary figures from the Players' Union may not necessarily cover the true payroll costs of MLS clubs.

Canadian midfielder Bernier returns to Impact
Signing Patrice Bernier may be the best marketing move the Montreal Impact have made for their entry into Major League Soccer, but they hope he'll be a bigger help on the field.

Lewis prepared for top business role with Whitecaps
Vancouver native says training facility will be among top priorities

Mattocks, Wenger to sign with Major League Soccer
Darren Mattocks and Andrew Wenger will forgo overseas opportunities and sign with Major League Soccer. Mattocks, Wenger to sign with Major League Soccer

On Soccer: Former Red Bulls assistant now looking ahead as U.S. Under-18 coach
Richie Williams looked out over a group of players running around under the Florida sun last week. During breaks in the action, the eager bunch looked to him for advice and instruction. Williams was back coaching again, and it had to feel pretty good.

GALAXY: Might Everton keep Donovan?
Everton manager David Moyes says the Toffees are looking forward to the return of the Galaxy captain, who was so good in a 10-week spell with the English Premier League club two years ago.

Interview: Santino Quaranta Begins Life After D.C. United
We spoke to Santino Quaranta about his future, his memories, and the possibility of D.C. United winning another MLS Cup