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Portland Timbers Third Kit Unveiling Pictures and Notes, Plus Other Juicy Bits

So you guys have already seen the new third kit. Personally, I'm very impressed not only with the design (which we already had an idea of anyways) but with the way they went about making the kit. But more on that a little bit below...

First some pictures! You guys have already seen all the pictures from the official Timbers site and the store I'm sure, but I've gone ahead and took some of my own. I tried to get all of the possible areas of interest with regards to the kit.

Also for those of you who prefer Imgur I've uploaded them there as well:

You guys will probably notice that some of these pictures were taken from outside the event, namely, my home. The Timbers organization were awesome enough to give me one to take home and keep. Luckily for you guys I'm of the mind that one should always repay awesomeness with more awesomeness, therefor you should expect to see this being offered up via a contest soon.

Some quick notes on the actual kit and package.
  • The package is very impressive. The box is sturdy and made out of recycled material. Very impressive! This is a collector's dream packaging.
  • The kits are indeed made in Portland and are made out of 100% recycled material.
  • It does indeed come with the scarf that's also made of recycled material. Very retro.
  • The authentics are available now. Replicas will be available early next year.

There's been some huhbub over the price which is fairly expensive, but since it's made in Portland supporting our local economy I can 100% get behind it.

Also worth noting is that Merritt Paulson let me know that this third kit is NOT intended to only be used for friendlies as some teams do. In fact, he commented that head coach John Spencer wanted to play them for the home opener against Philly, although that to be determined at a later date. Still, it's exciting that we'll be able to see this outside the occasional friendly.

Oh and one more, slightly off topic note, as we were all being ushered into the Key bank Club for the event I noticed a training session was going on. I figured it was just a bunch of trialist and didn't get a chance to take a picture. According to Merritt that training session was put together for a single player exclusively for him. He wouldn't tell who it was, but it's quite exciting nonetheless.

Also on that note, a little bird told me to expect a player announcement as soon as tomorrow. I'm not confirming this. I'm not saying it's going to happen. All I'm saying is that's what I heard. If it doesn't then don't blame me, I'm just sharing the tid bits of info I get.

Finally, yes I will be giving away this Limited Edition authentic retro kit with scarf and box. Details will be arranged soon and hopefully we can do it so that whoever wins gets it as a Christmas present courtesy of the Timbers organization, by way of giving it to me. Seriously I can't tell you how awesome these guys are.