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MLS All Star Game Announced at Red Bull Arena, July 27th


So that huge, major, awesome announcement planned to release today? Yeah, that's just an announcement for the All Star game which has been scheduled for July 27th at Red Bull Arena. No opponent has been announced, but it's rumored to be Barcelona.

I gotta say, this was a huge let down for me. When I hear "major" announcement, I think of league wide changes, events, etc that are planned to improve the league as a whole. The All Star games really aren't that major, in fact, for many people the All Star game just serves as a huge detractor from the regular season play and major competitions that are going on in July.

Oh well, so much for any new TV contracts announcement.

P.S. If MLS considers this major, what would they consider a real major announcement? I mean, you can only use that word so many times before it loses its meaning.