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Timbers Close in on 11,000 Season Tickets

In an interview with, Cory Dolich, VP of marketing for the Timbers, has confirmed that the Timbers are just about at 11,000 season tickets sold and are well on their way to meeting the 12,000 goal by season's start. This effectively means there are <1,000 season tickets left available at any given time.

Of course, the real news here isn't just about season tickets, it's that if the Timbers do reach their 12,000 goal it should be proof enough that the Timbers are on their way for a sellout year in 2011, what with there being only 19,000 seats available in total.

Fantastic for the Timbers FO, fantastic for we fans, and absolutely 100% fantastic for Portland soccer. It's going to be a good year.