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Kenny Cooper Being Introduced at 10:30am, We'll Be There!

In just a few hours, Kenny Cooper will be officially introduced to the media at Adidas HQ. For those who don't yet know the saga of of Kenny Cooper, it's quite an interesting one:

Kenny Cooper got his start in the Manchester United youth system, where he was training with some of the EPL's best players. After a couple short loan stints, he was acquired by FC Dallas in 2006 where he made 90 appearances in 3 years and scored 40 goals. In fact, in 2008, he scored 18 goals and was the runner up to the golden boot. For reference sake, last season Chris Wondolowski won the the golden boot with 18 goals. From FC Dallas Cooper was bought by 1960 Munich of the Bundesliga 2, where he, unfortuantely, suffered injury and didn't get much playing time.

Anyway, now he is headed back to MLS and will be a immediate staple for our team. In fact, it wouldn't be too outrageous to just outright call him our best player thus far. If he can find his form in 2011 that he had in 2008 we could have a golden boot competitor on our hands.

Anyway, after working through all the hassles of moving, Cooper is now ready to join the team for pre-season training. We'll have pictures (from our lovely new photographer) and a detailed write-up after today's press release.