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The Schedule at First Glance: Potential Road Trips!

Looking at the schedule there are a lot of things to be pleased about. I think having our Cascadia cup games spread out is a good thing. Always something to look forward to. 3 games on ESPN and 3 Games on Galavision is quite an accomplishment for an "expansion" team.

Looking at our rivals the Vancouver Whitecaps have no ESPN games (not surprisingly neither does Toronto FC). While the Seattle Sounders have 5, with 2 of them being against us. This makes sense as they have been in the league a little longer.

At first glance it seems like a favorable schedule. The Portland Timbers longest time away from home is 3 games (happens twice) but their longest home stand is only 2. Our toughest stretch will be the whole month of August. We have 7 games in the Month of August. With most of the games being 3 days apart. At one point having 4 games in 10 days.

All in all you can't complain. Well you can because it has taken until 6 weeks before the season starts to get the schedule out.

Potential Road Trips:

For those of you lucky enough to have some vacation time, I love being a teacher, here are some potential road trips I would plan for:

All Cascadia games:

● May 14th vs. Seattle Sounders

● Oct 2nd vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

NoCal and SoCal:

● April 23rd vs LA Galaxy

● Jun 5 vs Chivas USA

● Aug 6th vs San Jose

Midwest: (You could do two games in 7 days)

● July 16th vs Chicago Fire

● July 23rd vs Columbus

KC and Houston: (two games in 3 days)

● Aug 14th vs Houston

● Aug 17th vs Sporting Kansas City

I-95 Corridor: (requires two weeks)

● Aug 27th vs D.C. United

● Sept 16th vs Philadelphia Union

What games are must see for you? (besides the obvious two up north)