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Nightly News Round Up: Road Trippin' Edition

With the final schedule comes time for all of us to begin planning our vacations, well at least the more die hard of us. Personally, I'm planning (preliminarily) to go to the: Los Angeles Galaxy, Chivas USA, San Jose Earthquakes, Seattle Sounders, and Vancouver Whitecaps games. I'm lucky enough that I have friends/family all up and down this coast. I'd also like to get a little further east, maybe attend the Chicago game.

And before you ask, no I won't be going to the March 19th game against Colorado. Unfortunately, my dear cousin decided she wanted to get married March 18th in Las Vegas and family pressure is denying me from skipping out. I blame the institution of marriage...

Enjoy tonight's news:

Portland Timbers return from California carrying extra confidence
Tying the Supporter's Shield winners for 2010 is bound to instill some confidence, right?

D.C. United planning to acquire Charlie Davies, but financial issues remain unresolved
I really hope the league can lock this up soon. I was always a fan of Davies and would love to see him get the minutes needed to make the national team once again.

So let's talk about the Major League Soccer Playoffs, are they broke?
While we don't know exactly how the 2011 play-offs will play out, I'm gonng go ahead and say 'yes'.

Most prominent jersey sponsorships in soccer; NFL may be next
Would the NFL or NBA really consider this? It's commonplace in soccer, but I wonder if their would be fan backlash amongst the other American sports.

NASL confident U.S. Soccer will sanction RailHawks' new league this weekend
So confident they don't even need a back-up plan!

The Galaxy at David's Beckham-call
I share this author's opinion on Beckham. For somebody who makes so much money, he sure does have the Galaxy on a short leash.