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Portland Timbers Opening BC Place with a Bang!

So I didn't notice this yesterday when I was writing up my thoughts on the 2011 MLS schedule, but apparently the Timbers will be helping the Vancouver Whitecaps open up BC place as the stadium's inaugural game is scheduled with us in mind. I don't know if we should feel honored, or frightened.

Let's face it, despite Vancouver's team not shaping up in spectacular order thus far, helping them inaugurate their new home for the next few decades is going to paint a big ol' target right on our faces for every one of Vancouver's players. They will be playing twice as hard as normally to ensure their new home gets christened with a solid win. Scary thought when you consider that mentality plays a huge role in this sport.

Of course, we also have a fine opportunity here. Should the Timbers go up there and really crush Vancouver we could be put in the position of forever placating the Whitecaps. We'd always be that team who beat Vancouver opening day of the new BC Place. Ohhh, that'll be good.

Anyway, just some idle thoughts. Can't wait to see the new stadium, that is, you know, unless construction gets delayed for some reason and we end up playing at Empire Field anyway. Mark your calendars!