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Ryan Pore Has Answered Your Questions

A little while ago, back in January I believe, I had gotten permission from the Timbers FO to conduct a community interview with our star midfielder, Ryan Pore. The questions turned out great with people contributing just the right amount of personal and professional questions. So kudos to you guys for that.

Anyway, after a few weeks, Ryan has finally returned to me with his answers. It took a while, granted, but then I'm sure Ryan was busy with other things like training and flying to California and Arizona and pre-season games and other such rabble.

Anyway, enjoy the answers to your questions:

What’s your handicap? (Golf)

I don't know my official handicap, but if I had to guess I would say it would be in the mid-teens. I can say that my lowest round is an 81. My goal for 2011 is to shoot in the 70's. I'm an avid golfer and love playing Pumpkin Ridge and Langdon Farms to name a few.

Are you going to make "The Cauldron" (Sporting KC's supporter group area) cry this year?

They treated me well when I played for Kansas City. I'm very excited to return there, and scoring a goal wouldn't hurt either.

What’s your favorite brewery in Portland?

I must admit I have become somewhat of a beer snob since moving to Portland. The beer selection is by far the best I have ever seen. If I had to pick one, I would say Widmer is my favorite brewery.
What do you see as the biggest challenge for you and your game as you make the transition to MLS?

I think the biggest challenge for me is to consistently put together a full 90 minutes of work each game. At this level, you can't afford to lose an inch. There are so many great players in MLS, so you have to make sure to prepare on and off the field in order for you to make a positive impact for your team.
Do you have any rituals before or after a game?

I tape my right wrist in honor of a college teammate and good friend who got in a serious car wreck and lost his ability to play the game we both love.
Outside of PGE Park what stadium has the best atmosphere?

I think when you look at the history of the league, D.C. United has always maintained a great fan base and gameday atmosphere. More recently, Toronto has always been one of my favorite places to play.

What three people would you like most to have dinner with? They can be any person from any time period.

Jesus, Michael Jordan, and Jose Mourinho
What's the most fun thing you've ever done on a soccer field?

Getting 3 points. Isn't that what playing is all about?
Favorite Christmas Present Ever?

This year we received the eggnog moose mugs from "Chistmas Vacation." My wife and I had been looking for them for years. One of our favorite movies.
What’s your take on flopping (aka floundering)? Is it ruining a beautiful game or is it a valid strategy for an over-matched team?

It's a part of the game that I'm not a fan of and thankfully not very good at.

Have you ever got a red/yellow card you feel you truly deserved?

None of them.
How has your previous experience with Kansas City and Portland prepared you for the Timbers’ move to MLS? What do you know now that you wish you’d known back in 2005?

I spent 4 great years in KC playing behind some of the best forwards in the U.S. At times, I got caught up watching them instead of focusing on my own game. Although I learned a lot from them, I needed to get to a place where I was playing consistently. Portland gave me that opportunity and my game has definitely improved because of that. I now know what it takes to prepare myself every week to give me a chance to be at the top of my game every week.
Aside from the Sunflower Goal what is your favorite on the pitch moment with PTFC?

Nothing will ever match my excitement and memories of the Sunflower Goal. If I had to pick one, it would be the first goal I scored in PGE Park against the Carolina RailHawks. Being presented the wood slab after the game is something every player should get the chance to experience. I am looking forward to many more memories in 2011 and years to come!


Once again, huge thanks to Ryan for taking his time to answer some questions and for giving us some cheeky answers in return. Also for being our first community interview test subject. Hopefully as the season goes on we'll be able to do more of these community interviews.