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Want to Contribute to the Timbers in a Journalistic Fashion?

First I'd just like to introduce everybody to Stumptown Footy's new photographer, Katie O., during game days, Timbers events, etc. she'll be happily snapping away with one of those fanciful cameras that has all sorts of different lenses and such. Seriously, she's a far better photographer than I am, and I'm happy to welcome her aboard. Maybe for the next PGE tour we can actually have some decent pictures!

Anyway, on that same note, I'm also looking a new regular contributor to the site. Somebody who can offer a strong opinion and create constructive analysis pieces on the team, be it for a game, tactics, a player, and everything in between. Keep in mind you don't need to agree with me to apply for this position, in fact, I think a different sort of voice would be a great addition to what I'm already able to contribute.

What you need to apply:
  1. A writing sample. SB Nation has specific standards when it comes to writing. We look for passion, but also for somebody who can write well, thought out, constructive arguments/editorial pieces.
  2. Adequate time. I'm not looking for somebody who will dedicate their lives to the site, but I also don't expect you to contribute once and then never again.
  3. Dedication. Timbers news is coming and going every single day. Even if you're not writing about it, you should still be dedicated enough to read about it.

In exchange for contributing on the site, writing for a network like SB Nation offers many perks. For one, press passes for the Timbers FO. Basically, meaning you'll get to interview players, speak with the coaches, etc. so long as you're planning it for a journalistic piece on Stumptown Footy. Beyond that, writing for SB Nation comes with it a certain amount of credibility, something that helps should you consider other journalistic jobs.

If you feel up for the spot, please email me (below) your name, a brief bio, and a writing sample (or you can include your writing sample as a FanPost).

Note: This is a non-paying job. I can't stress that enough.