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Nightly News Round Up: California Edition

February is a typically slow month for movement within the team, ours being the exception, of course, because in our promotion to MLS we've been looking for higher quality, MLS-caliber players. So, with that in mind, I'd expect a few more choice signing in the coming weeks, particularly one of the "Perlaza" persuasion.

Anyway, here's the day's news. As always Timbers news comes first.

Team Surpasses 11,000 Season Tickets Sold For Inaugural MLS Season
I reported on this a few days ago, but now it's official. Just about a month and a half to sell <1,000 tickets.

Timbers Preseason Notebook: Day 2 in California
Sounds like training is going well. It will be interesting to see if we sign anymore of these trialists. Only a few more spots left on the roster.

NFL Soccer Concepts
An interesting look at what some popular NFL teams would look like if they wore soccer kits instead of football uniforms.

City Council greenlights Dynamo Stadium
Wait... wasn't the groundbreaking ceremony a few days ago?

Charlie Davies To DC United: An Innovative Approach To MLS Allocation
Definitely good for Davies. I look forward to seeing him in action one again, even if it's against us.

Galaxy might be special, Landon Donovan says
They're special in that their average age is above 30. Seriously, this is a team of veterans.

Revolution need work in defense department
Of all the teams, I think New England is going to have the hardest time in 2011. I mean, aside from the SuperDraft they've done almost nothing... I even forget they're a team sometimes.

Flops hurt U.S. export market
I think every nation has flops. Not all Brazilians pan out, nor Argentinians or Italians. It would be unwise for teams to disregard Americans because of Adu, Altidore, or Johnson.