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Getting to Know the Timbers: Freddie Braun

As you may have seen from the previous installment we here at Stumptown Footy are trying to introduce you to the Portland Timbers roster. This is the latest installment with a specific look at Freddie Braun, one of the newest Signings for the Timbers.

Freddie Braun (M)

Previous team(s):
  • University of Louisville 2006-09 (81 appearances with 11 goals and 5 assists)
  • Portland Timbers U-23 PDL team (16 appearances with 5 goals and 8 assists)

Freddie is a very intelligent player who plays as a box to box central midfielder. He has great vision and can help place the ball for the attacking players to get them into dangerous positions. Freddie took over games when the U-23 team needed him to, especially during the play-off run where he scored 3 of his 5 goals.

Freddie is untested in the MLS, he has shown he is above the level of the PDL but the PDL is 3 rungs lower on the soccer ladder then the MLS. Freddie is a bit undersized compared to some of the other Central Midfielders on the roster, however his work ethic may counter this. As with a lot of the Portland Timbers roster he is young and therefore inexperienced.

A great addition to the team, especially with an eye to the future. Most likely will be used as a back-up to the Portland Timbers back-ups and will see more time on the reserve team then the senior team. As he matures he will be a great addition to the senior team, provided he continues in his development.

Misc: Check out a short interview with Freddie here. Also the PDL Championship game highlights are here.