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Getting to Know the Timbers: Sal Zizzo

Salvatore Zizzo (M)

Previous team(s):

  • UCLA Bruins 2005-06 (8 goals 14 assists)
  • Hannover 96 2007-2010 (only 8 apps)
  • Chivas USA 2010 (only 10 apps)

Strengths: Zizzo's (I love his last name) biggest strength is his ability to take on and beat players on the wing. He accomplishes this by using great on the ball skills as well as lightning quick speed. After beating his man he is able to make a pinpoint pass to the open player. He is the prototypical winger, fast and able to cover a lot of ground.

Weaknesses: Has had a string of injuries which derailed his European career. These injuries have limited his playing-time and his development. Since starring for the U-17 in 2007 he has played in 18 meaningful matches. Games are where young players truly develop and hone their skills.

Analysis: His skill set is something that is very desirable and can lead to quite a few goals. However his injury plague career is quite a concern, especially when some of our team have injury concerns. He can be a good player that can be a starter for years to come, terrorizing the other teams defense. If he can stay on the pitch look for flashes of brilliance that will leave you in awe, see here (he is #15).

Misc: Sal holds both American and Italian Passports, which help facilitate his move to Europe.