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Nightly News Round Up: Anelka Who Edition

If New York wants to splash some more money, I'd be happy to have Nicolas Anelka join the league. It will only improve the game here. That said, for a team in New York, is it really all that wise to be pissing off your Irish fanbase so much? Then again, after Thierry Henry I'm not sure much more damage could be done.

Enjoy the day's news.

Portland Timbers secondary 'red' jerseys available
Pre-order now, they'll be ready February 11th.

Kenny Cooper expected to join Portland Timbers next week
Also, in other news, Kerrea Gilbert's arrival has been delayed due to customs issues.

Houston Dynamo Stadium Renderings
Everybody enjoys stadium pron. Here's Houston's.

Parity is a problem for MLS
I certainly don't want our league to end up like the EPL or La Liga in the sense that I can't already tell you which out of 2-3 teams are going to win, even before the season has started.

RSL needs to shift focus from CONCACAF
I disagree. The ultimate goal for any team should be to win their continental championship.

Folan eyes MLS switch
Certainly not for us. Maybe New England? They seem relatively weak up top.

He'll let his skills do the talking
Vancouver's Davide Chiumiento didn't impress last year, but seems to be making waves in the pre-season. Potential threat?

NASL seeks to regain status
I feel for San Antonio fans. Should NASL crumble they'll be back to square one with regards to a soccer team.