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Pre-Season Friendly Tonight vs. Ventura County Fusion

Tonight marks our team's first test as an MLS squad against PDL side the Ventura Fusion. Naturally, this game should be a ace in the hole, so to say, but I would rather not assume anything is a given at this point. Also, rather unfortunately, it doesn't look like this game will be broadcast in any manner. As such we'll be left following the game via Twitter.

Also of note, it looks like Spencer plans on using every single player available in tonight's game as a way to evaluate them in their performance, particularly the players who have not yet been signed. Even Perlaza, who isn't officially part of the team yet, is planned to play tonight.

Finally, and I'd just like to point this out, no matter the outcome of this game I really wouldn't judge the team based off it, which is one of the reasons why I'm sure it's not being broadcast. This is not an accurate measure to judge how well our team is forming in the off season. More likely, this should be seen as a valuable first chance to get the team playing together in a meaningful game (well more meaningful than simple training sessions anyways).

Whatever tonight's outcome, keep a level head is all I'm saying.