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Nightly News Round Up: Hooliganism Edition

What makes a soccer hooligan these days? I mean, at this point it's basically a dead form of ultra fandom. Don't tell the guys at GQ UK though, they seem to think Philly is full of them because of a few swear words here and there and a couple of them dressing like skin heads. Yep, judging the 3,000+ sized Sons of Ben supporter group by a handful of fans... Classy journalism is classy.

Enjoy the night's news.

Spencer, Timbers eager to let games begin
First official game as an MLS team has already started. Whoo!

America's football factory
An absolutely absurd look at American modern soccer fans.

Match Fit USA: American Supporter Culture or, Let's All Pretend (UPDATED)
A response to the above GQ article "America's Football Factory."

It’s Official – Carolina RailHawks Will Return
Traffic Sports USA acquired the name and instantly revived the team. This makes 4 teams, I believe, that they own in the NASL.

Should Major League Soccer Look to Lower Leagues for an MLS Cup Solution?
In so many words, should MLS switch to a 2-game aggregate final?

Boston Red Sox Partner's Group in Exclusive Talks to Buy Soccer's AS Roma
I could be wrong, but didn't the guys who own the Red Sox just buy Liverpool?

Three For Thursday: Uruguayans in MLS
A nice look at Uruguayans in MLS and how they've affected the league thus far. Hope to see more in the league in the future.