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PGE Park Ranks 1st in SB Nation's Stadium Rank

SB Nation's soccer editor/columnist Jeremah Oshan decided to, over the weekend, create an objective list concerning MLS stadiums based on a unique scale he created for just such an article. It's nothing scientific, just a fun piece about which stadiums are best given their location, soccer-friendliness, attendance, and price. It's quite a good read if you're interested in the various stadiums from around the league and, overall, I agree with Jeremiah's list, especially since he placed PGE Park in the top spot.

It makes sense, in my opinion, that PGE would be so highly ranked. I mean, for those of you who are Portland born and raised, you might not realize just how amazing we have it here. Yes, our field isn't going to be grass, the singular drawback in my opinion, but everything else is far and away pretty amazing:

  1. Down-downtown location. Many stadiums like to use "downtown location" as a selling point, but PGE is literally as downtown as you can get without being in the financial district.
  2. Convenient MAX stop located, literally, about 50 feet from the park. It's not a "10 minute walk" as some stadiums tout, it's a 15 second walk, pending crosswalk/intersection traffic.
  3. This is our stadium. Sure, we'll be sharing with the Vikings football team and some high school teams around the area, but when you visit PGE you know whose stadium that is. Timbers territory.
  4. Old school charm. PGE, upon completion, will be the oldest soccer specific stadium in the U.S. For all intents and purposes we are the "Wrigley Field" of soccer.

Of course, we won't know how truly great it is until our first home game, but still, I think the remodel speaks for itself: PGE is going to be one great place for footy.

Anyway, check out the full list to see how everybody played out. The worst stadium shouldn't be of surprise to anybody.

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