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How the NFL Lockout will affect the MLS

NFL fans are going to be at a lost come August. No NFL games are going to be played at the beginning of the season because labor strife is going to go through the courts. I just can't see the courts pushing other cases just to satisfy the needs of of two groups of millionaires.

So the question becomes how is the MLS affected by the NFL's loss of games, maybe even a season. Do you think the NFL fan will give the MLS a look and attend a game or two? Or are those fans so caught up in fan bias towards the MLS that they will just sit at home and watch College Football?

I think the NFL work stoppage will end up being a positive for the MLS. The MLS will get more coverage, not a whole lot but at least more, from the major media stations. Also those markets that share a fan base with an NFL team will get greater local coverage. Attendance will not jump up to high but at least the MLS will be there to fill a void if the casual fan wants something to do.

So what do you think?