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MLS First Kick or CONCACAF Champions League? [Poll]

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Oh the torment! On the same night that CONCACAF had scheduled it's semi-final Champions League game with Real Salt Lake vs. Saprissa is the exact same night that holds the very first 2011 MLS game of Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders. Two games of equal build up and anticipation, but most of us will only be able to watch a single one. So which one should you watch?

Well, here's the deal: many of you guys are brand new not only to MLS, but also to the sport as well. As such, for you guys, I would recommend checking out the MLS First Kick game. Despite not being entirely relevant to the Timbers, it will give you an important look at what will be two of our fiercest rivals for the years ahead. It's time to start paying attention to key players like Fredy Montero and Landon Donovan as they'll both be dangerous players against out 2011 side. The MLS First Kick 2011 game is on ESPN/ tonight at 6:30 PM (local time).

For the rest of us, the ones who have already studied/watched MLS and understand the teams playing and the league itself, we don't really need to watch MLS First Kick 2011. It's pretty redundant unless you just want to watch for fun. Instead, I suggest checking out the CONCACAF Champions League game against Real Salt Lake. As a league we have a lot at stake riding on Real Salt Lake's shoulders and we desperately need RSL to pull off a victory tonight. It's been over a decade since an MLS team has won the CCL and, to be perfectly honest, Real Salt Lake is the strongest MLS team to make such a strong entry into the CCL in a long time. You can catch the CONCACAF Champions League game tonight at 7:00 PM (local time) on either Fox Soccer Channel, or via a free stream provided by CONCACAF (, registration required).

So which will you be enjoying?